DSO Sentinel by ABM Equipment Company, Inc. is a new software that provides practical item-level traceability while improving process control. By harnessing data from Eagle Product Inspection’s evolving detection capabilities, DSO provides insights across multiple key performance indicators and tracks the inspection of each item. This allows producers to improve lines, protect consumers and reduce product loss and exposure to litigation.

X-rays are known for detecting commonly missed contaminants in food like glass and bone, and Eagle has positioned itself with the highest belt speeds and lowest total cost of ownership. Recently, however, they’ve developed the ability to perform numerous quality checks simultaneously. Item weight, count, quality, fat content, package integrity, and other checks can be performed without slowing the line. By combining the data gained from these areas into automated reports, DSO allows producers to identify which products, lines, methods and operators present problems or opportunities.

DSO also introduces item-level traceability. When complaints are received from consumers, producers can query an item’s identifier and return proof of inspection with respective data. X-ray and optical images clearly show when contaminants are absent, and validation data demonstrates equipment reliability. Tracing each item to the moment of production will minimize recalls, streamline diagnoses, and keep products out of quarantine.

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