Mettler-Toldedo Product Inspection Group has introduced a significant new update—Version 2.6—for its ProdX inspection device management software. Ideal for a wide range of bulk and packaged food applications, ProdX is compatible with virtually all Mettler-Toledo metal detectors, checkweighers, X-ray systems, and vision inspection systems.

Now with an optimized web dashboard, automated reporting capabilities, and other features, ProdX enables processors to monitor their inspection equipment remotely and easily collect, save, search, and share data to protect food safety, comply, with regulatory requirements, and improve process efficiencies. With ProdX software, food processors and contract packers can seamlessly compile highly secure digital documentation to maximize product quality and prove due diligence with minimal manual labor.

The ProdX 2.6 reimagined web dashboard is designed to mimic smart devices. The highly intuitive user interface allows users to easily monitor data like reject numbers, review contamination events, and run reports from a web client on any in-network PC, all without downloading an app. For further ease of use, workers can use their ProdX login credentials to log into their Mettler-Toledo inspection equipment.

With the latest version of ProdX, Mettler-Toledo enables the automated generation of final evaluations and summary reports. Processors who want to routinely separate data on their inspection system can now automatically trigger a final evaluation at the end of every product run, shift, or day before the data is cleared. Additionally, processors who want daily, weekly, and/or monthly summaries can program automated reports, which can be configured in a variety of formats and delivered in a variety of ways. By triggering final evaluations and/or summary reports automatically, customers can easily compare runs and shifts, as well as specific time frames, to identify opportunities for improvements.

ProdX 2.6 provides more changeover flexibility and efficiency. Processors can now change over all their Mettler-Toledo product inspection systems at once or just select equipment, from either a master device or remotely.

Mettler-Toledo’s ProdX 2.6 for X-ray systems includes its new Product Validation capability to prevent product settings from being changed and display a visual indicator to quickly confirm the system is running an established, validated recipe. If any parameters are changed, Product Validation saves a record of the login used and what setting changes were made. Additionally, the X-ray system’s product parameters are now stored in ProdX for remote viewing, whether those parameters can be edited remotely or not.

ProdX 2.6 is available for new and existing Mettler-Toledo inspection systems, as well as some third-party checkweighers.