Stephanie Nguyen, M.Sc., a microbiologist and process authority, and Jessica Badour, a research outreach specialist, have joined the Food Safety Magazine Editorial Advisory Board. Stephanie is a principal microbiologist, food safety and microbiology, at Conagra Brands. She also works in the area of thermal processing. Stephanie has been involved in many R&D innovation projects, supporting multiple brands and processing platforms, as well as helping design and execute microbial validation and challenge studies. Additionally, she conducts portfolio risk assessments, recommends risk mitigation strategies and approaches, and responds to food safety-related special situations. She received her M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in food science and technology and microbiology from Iowa State University.

Jessica Badour is currently the Rapid Response Team program manager and outreach coordinator at the Georgia Department of Agriculture, where she focuses on food-related incident management and recall communications, while facilitating educational and promotional outreach opportunities. Jessica is a key player in many local, regional, and national associations, including the Association of Food & Drug Officials of the Southern States and the Georgia Environmental Health Association.