Mobile Sensory Technologies (MOST), a Swedish company that provides real-time monitoring, has partnered with Absortech Group, another Swedish firm that works to prevent moisture in shipping containers.

MOST´s superior real-time monitoring solution gives customers insight into what happens to cargo while in transit. The customer gets alerts via email or SMS when there is a deviation from the preferred temperature, humidity, and shock levels. The solution also detects intrusions and tracks the position of the shipment—all to enable proactiveness rather than reactiveness.

Moisture damage mainly happens during longer container transports or shipping. Absortech provides solutions and products to prevent moisture damage from taking place. With the step-by-step moisture prevention solution 'Peace of Moisture Mind©' ABSORTECH helps customers throughout the entire moisture chain stages.

“The logic behind this partnership is simple. Both companies are solving problems appearing during transportation and shipping. By partnering up, we become even stronger. There are many synergies between us," says Jon Hjertenstein, MOST CEO.

“We have the deepest respect for each other’s business and offerings. In addition, we both operate out of Sweden and have a global reach. One by one we help the industry to detect or prevent damages. When we now integrate, we add a lot of value for our customers, reduce their waste, improve their profit, and protect their brands. It also helps saving mother earth." says Rikard Kanmert, CEO at Absortech Group.

MOST and Absortech are confident that this partnership brings value to customers, existing and new while having a positive impact on the two respective companies’ development.

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