Larry Keener has a long record of involvement, both nationally and internationally, with food industry issues. He is the current vice president and co-chair of the Austrian-based Global Harmonization Initiative, an organization founded in 2004 to promote harmonization of food safety legislation and regulations. He is president and chief executive officer of Seattle-based International Product Safety Consultants, Inc.—a global leader in providing food safety and food technology solutions to the food processing industry for a broad client base of Fortune 500 food companies, academic research institutes, and government agencies. Also, Larry has written and published more than 100 scientific papers and numerous book chapters on food safety, microbiology, and process validation. He is a frequently invited speaker to the food industry, business and scientific conferences, workshops, and seminars. 

Larry is an internationally regarded microbiologist and process authority in the food industry, and frequently works with food companies in this capacity to communicate the processor's regulatory responsibilities, assess risk and adequacy of controls for entire processing operations from raw materials receipt to finished product storage and distribution, and provide advice and direction with regard to regulatory impact and food safety risk that changes in operations might cause. As such, his areas of expertise range from applied food microbiology and sanitation methods, the development and application of thermal and non-thermal processing and preservation technologies, including high-pressure processing, microwave and pulsed electric field, high-powered ultrasound and design and implementation of food safety management and control systems and strategies.

Finally, Food Safety Magazine is proud to have Larry as a member of our editorial advisory board.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Larry once again about:

  • Why the concept of validation causes so much confusion for both regulators and food safety professionals 
  • The reason why validation and verification are not interchangeable terms
  • Verification by way of end product testing
  • How the process of validation has evolved over the years
  • How FSMA and HARPC have changed the validation process
  • Why FDA decided to build validation requirements and HARPC into new FSMA rules
  • Whether there really is a difference between HACCP and HARPC
  • Types of validation: prospective, concurrent and retrospective
  • The reason why concurrent validation is so often overlooked
  • The importance of validation when changing or reformulating a food product's manufacturing process
  • Examples of how food spoilage was the result of not validating a new process
  • The use of a multidisciplinary team to properly perform validation
  • HACCP decision trees vs. validation decision trees

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