Mettler-Toledo has published a comprehensive white paper titled ‘Ensuring Conformity of Packaged Food’ which explores the complexities of conformity. Nonconforming food products due to unwanted contaminants or inaccurate labeling are at an all-time high, according to official recall figures. Packaged food manufacturers need a comprehensive understanding of conformity and all it entails, not only to avoid costly product recalls but to protect and enhance their reputation for quality and consistency.

“Stringent legislation and evolving customer expectations have heightened demand for conformity,” says Kim Susor, marketing manager, Mettler-Toledo. “Manufacturers and brand owners are under significant pressure to repeatedly produce conforming, high quality, safe and well-presented packaged food to meet industry requirements.”

The Mettler-Toledo white paper details which type of advanced product inspection technology is best suited to achieve specific conformity objectives. Food products and packaging must meet consumer brand expectations and be presented in an appealing manner without defects. Conformity also entails prevention of under- or over-fill products, as well as removing product containing broken or missing components from the production line.

Download Mettler-Toledo’s white paper now.