Mettler Toledo has just announced the availability of the new Safeline X39 X-ray system. Now, manufacturers of frozen-formed burger patties (beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetarian) can now meet retailer and fast food chain conformity standards and reduce contamination more accurately and efficiently.

“Retailers and fast food chains are setting increasingly high standards for product conformity and detection of contaminants in order to protect their brand and consumers,” says Mike Pipe of Mettler Toledo Product Inspection. “At Mettler Toledo we make it our mission to develop technology that makes it easy for food manufacturers to meet and exceed such expectations. Our new X39 x-ray inspection system is a perfect example: it has been specifically designed for free flow, frozen formed food applications and is guaranteed to conduct ten integrity checks at 1,800* pieces a minute – an industry first.”

Speed is a major consideration for manufacturers needing to ensure conformity of frozen food patties as they cannot be held for longer than eight minutes in a blast freezer without suffering degradation. It is therefore critical that the product inspection technology used in the manufacturing process is fast and efficient and does not cause unnecessary stoppages that could result in production line downtime. The X39 has been developed specifically to meet these requirements. It conducts ten integrity checks across multiple lines and accurately targets individual patties for removal in real-time – irrespective of product position and without the need to stop production. This significantly reduces waste, rework and downtime to deliver bottom-line savings for food manufacturers.

The X39 is IP69 rated and is designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance to minimize downtime. For example, tasks such as individual sensor replacement can be achieved without stopping production. The X39 design follows the industry recognized European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group and National Sanitation Foundation guidelines to meet the highest hygienic standards required by manufacturers working with raw food products.

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