Eurofins Scientific has announced the acquisition of Institut Nehring, a food testing laboratory in the German market.

Institut Nehring was established in 1905. Today the company is well-known in the German market thanks to its long history and excellent reputation. Institut Nehring performs a wide range of analytical tests for all food products, including chemical, physical, biochemical, microbiological and sensorial testing. Additionally, these food testing services are accompanied by food consultancy services that cover food law, food technology, food safety and hygiene, food quality control, site inspections and audits, harm reports, and expert counseling. To conclude this extensive food testing and services portfolio, Institut Nehring is a specialist in testing food contact materials especially canned food packaging.

Institut Nehring has a long-standing and broad customer base, including retailers, importers, wholesalers and producers of food products, as well as companies and regulatory bodies operating in the food packaging industry. The company is headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany, employing 76 people and generating annual revenues close to $5 million (EUR).

The acquisition of Institut Nehring is an opportunity for Eurofins to further expand its market share in the German food testing market. The company’s broad expertise in food packaging testing will contribute to the expansion of Eurofins’ food testing portfolio, the most comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical food testing methods in the world.