At ProFood Tech in Chicago, IL in April 2017, KREYENBORG Plant Technology will be presenting a successful method--known as FoodSafety-IRD--for treating bulk foods such as tea, spices, dried herbs or vegetables, nuts, kernels and seeds with infrared light so that pathogens are drastically reduced and numerous harmful substances dissolved and volatilized. KREYENBORG’s proven technology, originated in Germany, is new to the U.S. market.

For 3 years, KREYENBORG has partnered with PS Perfect Solution to develop this technology for pathogen reduction, drying, protective treatment of stocks, and roasting and toasting of foodstuffs. The two companies have combined competencies from 60 years of machine manufacturing and 30 years of food processing technology to develop the FoodSafety-IRD.

The FoodSafety-IRD is a thermal method. Heat is fed to the raw materials by means of infrared light. The light can be precisely controlled in all zones throughout the drum. A special sensor ensures that the product reaches but doesn’t exceed a pre-set temperature. The raw material is heated within minutes from the inside out. To protect the product, a light mist of water can be introduced. Additionally, aromas, colors, etc. can be added to the water. By rotating the drum, the raw material is constantly transported and thereby thoroughly blended. The formation of nests is thus avoided and a uniform light input is assured.                        

In over 5,000 fully-documented disinfection analyses of well over 100 dried products (e.g. spices, nuts, mushrooms, chilies, teas, onions, products containing sugar, herbal mixtures, flowers, etc.), impressive results were achieved. Pathogen reduction using the FoodSafety-IRD was significantly above 10 log 5 and is thus best recommended for pathogen reduction of heavily contaminated goods.