Interroll, a worldwide provider of key products and solutions for internal logistics, will unveil its new patented MSC 50 (magnetic speed controller) at PACK EXPO International 2016 in Chicago.

Developed in response to the demand for a more efficient and cost-effective material handling systems, Interroll’s MSC 50 is a technically and economically superior solution, and the first of its kind in the industry. The MSC 50 is easy-to-install, maintenance-free, and boasts a host of useful features that together deliver process reliability and attractive ROI.  

“These features make the MSC 50 the perfect choice for warehousing, e-commerce, postal service, food and pharmaceutical operations, as well as for customers that use flow racks for heavy containers,” says Ralf Garlichs, executive vice president and head of products & technology at Interroll. “Our MSC 50 is a solution with an optimum price-to-performance ratio, offering users the peace of mind that only a solid investment brings.”

The MSC 50 is the most cost-effective solution currently on the market for controlling the speed of boxes and plastic trays traveling on gravity roller conveyors and spirals or the end sections of sorters. Suitable for handling goods weighing up to 77 pounds, this innovative system provides customers with total control over their conveyor and ensures lightweight packages move smoothly, while limiting the speed of heavy goods traveling along the conveyor.

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