RF Biocidics has announced that its APEX 85--a newly revamped chemical-free food safety system that uses specialized radio frequency technology to significantly reduce the level of harmful pathogens from foods--received the Almond Board of California’s Technical Expert Review Panel (TERP) certification for pasteurization. This certification validates the company’s chemical-free pasteurization processes for raw almonds at Sran Family Orchards at Kerman, CA.

“RF Biocidics is proud to be able to help farmers, growers and food producers navigate this new era of food safety and federal regulation,” says Vincent Chun, board member of RF Biocidics, and vice president of Allied Minds, its parent company. “Consumer demand and the Food Safety Modernization Act are guiding the food industry towards organic, chemical-free processes, so APEX 85’s TERP certification is perfectly aligned with the market’s needs. We believe our radio-frequency technology will be a compelling alternative for California’s 6,800 almond growers because it has minimal change to the taste and texture of the nut.”

Sran Family Orchards processes organic and conventional almonds in California’s Central Valley. The farm has been a part of the almond industry for the past 10 years. The company will use RF Biocidics’ APEX 85 to manage pasteurization of natural almonds. While TERP validates the pasteurization, processors are also interested in meeting consumer demands for good taste and texture. This new technology allows Sran Family Orchards to accomplish both.