Graco has announced the new InvisiPac® Pattern Control System, designed for use with Graco’s InvisiPac® Tank-Free™ Hot Melt System, or independently with any other hot melt equipment. This cost-saving technology improves overall productivity by providing operators the flexibility to adapt quickly to changes in packaging operations.

With the InvisiPac Pattern Control System, users can easily convert from a solid adhesive bead to a stitched bead. Stitching can be turned on or off with the push of a button, and operators can easily stitch individual beads or the entire pattern. The result can be dramatic adhesive savings without any sacrifice in product quality.  And, when using InvisiPac Hot Melt Systems, the savings can be automatically quantified and documented.  The InvisiPac Pattern Control System can also interface with the LineSite™ Remote Monitoring Solution for access to critical operating data from anywhere in the world.

Featuring an easy to use, highly intuitive color LCD interface, the InvisiPac Pattern Control System provides an on-screen pattern preview that eliminates the guesswork in setting up adhesive bead locations. Operators can see a comprehensive view of all pattern definitions on a single page. In addition, the system allows operators to copy, delete or name patterns, so changes can be made quickly to keep the line running and unique patterns can be saved for future use. Users can also clone gun sequences, and insert or delete beads without editing the rest of the pattern.

The InvisiPac Pattern Control System can operate in a time-based mode when simple pattern control is all that is needed. When precise control is needed operators can select the distance-based mode and run at a fixed line speed or use an encoder. The system allows operators to switch between modes without changing the program making routine adjustments simple. Finally, variable line speed compensation allows operators to match adhesive output with line speed, leading to accurate placement of precise amounts of adhesive.

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