Terra Tech is excited to announce their subsidiary--Edible Garden--has received their Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification at their flagship New Jersey hydroponic farm.

GFSI is an industry-driven initiative and a worldwide-accepted standard of the best food safety management practices providing guidance on food safety management systems necessary for safety along the supply chain. The certification assesses standard operating procedures, good agricultural practices and good manufacturing practices.

Edible Garden has put into action the operational protocols necessary to meet the high standards for food safety required by GFSI.

"This is particularly important for both our agricultural division and the integrity of the produce that we cultivate as well as for our cannabis activities and the national efforts we are engaged in. We are working to secure a medical cannabis permit in New Jersey, establishing our operational protocols in Nevada and looking to compete in other markets in the US. Our operational expertise and our ability to bring the high standards of food production to the cannabis industry is what sets us apart from the competition and aids in our success in applying for medical marijuana permits throughout the country. We’re building out a significant national infrastructure that places the highest priority on quality in an effort to make certain we deliver to consumers a product they can trust in all areas of our business," explains Derek Peterson CEO of Terra Tech.

Edible Garden is working to make their greenhouse one of the most technologically advanced and efficient facilities in the country. As agricultural land, water and other natural resources are diminishing at an alarming rate hydroponics and Controlled Environment Agriculture are becoming necessary to feed a swelling global population. The recent award of a $300,000 energy grant, the installation of energy efficient Dutch hydroponic systems and achieving both organic as well as GFSI certification are just a few ways the company is becoming a thought leader in both traditional agriculture as well as cannabis cultivation.