The creators of some of the most innovative water quality testing solutions--Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS)--have added automatic calculations to their smart device application. Calculations for Langlier Saturation Index (LSI) and Magnesium Hardness have been added.

Using a smart device as the brains of the eXact iDip® Photometer System™1 allows for limitless upgrade possibilities. The most recent upgrade of the eXact iDip® application will provide users with the ability to determine LSI and Magnesium Hardness without doing any written calculations. The device will seamlessly interpret data collected by the user, calculate the desired values, and display the values both on the device and in the application. Prior to this technology those using LSI as an indicator for water safety had to conduct each test and manually perform a series of calculations in order to determine their LSI value. Now the eXact iDip® is capable of cutting out this work for the user. Since the eXact iDip® photometer communicates wirelessly with the application any updates to the software are automatically applied without any need to upgrade the existing hardware.

With the arrival of the latest eXact iDip® application upgrade the already highly versatile device will become even more essential to the water testing specialist. The ingenious merging of existing technologies with our water quality innovations has revolutionized the industry. ITS application upgrades have made the user experience simpler and more cost effective.

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