R-Biopharm is proud to announce the RIDASCREEN® Gliadin Competitive ELISA--for the detection and quantification of partially hydrolyzed gluten in foods--has been accepted by AOAC International as Official First Action method. The AOAC Official Methods Board adopted the method “Partially Hydrolyzed Gluten in Fermented Cereal-Based Products by R5 Competitive ELISA,” based on a specific monoclonal antibody to potentially celiac toxic peptide fragments. AOAC approved the Study as Official First Action and assigned it Official MethodsSM number 2015.05.

The use of wheat flour and gluten in foodstuffs is extremely common because of their heat stability and useful effects on texture, moisture retention and flavour. Gluten consists of two groups of proteins (prolamines and glutelins) which are present in wheat, barley, and rye. Prolamins such as gliadin have been identified as major cause for gluten intolerance (celiac disease). Celiac patients must avoid gluten in their diet.

The RIDASCREEN® Gliadin Competitive uses the Codex Alimentarius recommended “R5” gliadin antibody, which is generally accepted as the standard method for the detection of gluten in foods. It is currently the only Elisa available to detect partially hydrolysed samples.