Cascades has launched Tandem®+ Nano--the small footprint, no touch hand towel dispenser--the latest addition to the popular Tandem+ towel and tissue dispensing systems line. The Tandem+ Nano roll towel dispenser is engineered as a hygiene solution fitting smaller, away-from-home spaces like food preparation areas.

Tandem+ Nano is the ideal substitute to folded towels, cutting down on paper usage by more than 40 percent. Like all Tandem+ products, it is ergonomic, easy to use, and provides reliable dispensing for Cascades natural and ultra-white paper towels made from 100 percent recycled fiber.

“It just makes sense that in business environments where physical spaces as well as operating costs are tight, it’s the little things that make a difference,” says Cascades Tissue Group president and CEO Jean Jobin. “We’ve thought hard about the practicality of hand hygiene where space is at a premium, looking at it from the perspective of both the business owners and the end users. Ultimately, we’ve created a hand towel dispensing solution that works for everyone.”

The Tandem+ Nano not only mitigates cross-contamination of bacteria, but also reduces unnecessary paper consumption. To reduce maintenance and save labor time and cost, it delivers one sheet at a time and does not require batteries. It is ergonomic, quiet and conforms to Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines when properly installed.

Available in white and black to fit different décors, Tandem+ Nano, like Tandem+, features a customizable OnDisplay advertising window. Facility managers can change signage inserts promoting their organization’s news and events, or reminding users about recommended hand hygiene practices.

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