Cascades, a provider of packaging solutions, is improving its northbox® isothermal packaging product line with new technology—northbox® XTEND™. The northbox® XTEND™ meal box creates a moisture barrier that helps maintain rigid insulation and food freshness, can withstand long transit times and high temperatures, and requires less ice. Designed with the circular economy in mind, the packaging solution is made of recycled cardboard, was determined to be recyclable by an external laboratory, and is prequalified by How2Recycle. 

Cascades is also commissioning a new production site for its northbox® product line, which will be called Cascades Enviropac and will be located in York, Pennsylvania. The York facility is the second facility in four months that Cascades has commissioned to support its growth in the isothermal packaging solutions market. After commissioning its inaugural site in Tacoma, Washington, Cascades is hopes its expansion in the East will increase its proximity to its customers and strengthen its position as a strategic partner throughout North America. The first phase of the York facility’s development includes the installation of an automated packaging line for the production of its isothermal boxes, including the new northbox® XTEND™.