At the Food Safety and Manufacturing Summit today in Dallas, TX, Acting Associate Attorney General Stuart Delery--third in line at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)--will speak about some of the legal duties manufacturers and distributors have to ensure that they sell safe foods.

In the Summit's keynote speech, entitled “Making Food Safety a Priority: A Look at the Department of Justice’s Role in Maintaining Safety and Quality Standards in Food Manufacturing”, Delery will also discuss the DOJ’s efforts to bring cases against companies and individuals who produce adulterated foods.

Although he has no food safety background, Delery’s experience as an attorney has kept him busy at the DOJ working frequently with food safety issues, tasked with “ensuring the safety of the food we eat”. Although he has been on the front lines responding to multiple food outbreaks and helping to build criminal cases against the food executives responsible, today’s talk is the first time he will ever have addressed food manufacturers and industry leaders directly.