Zep Inc.--a provider of professional-strength cleaning and maintenance products--has introduced Zep Craft Brewing Solutions, a complete brewery quality and sanitation program.

Zep Craft Brewing Solutions offers products, services and support for every step of the brewing process and includes plant sanitation programs, antimicrobial treatments, microbial control systems, drain maintenance and janitorial-maintenance. Zep’s extensive equipment line offers central foaming and sanitation systems, computerized dispensing equipment, and Cleaning In Place/Cleaning Out of Place systems. Its value-added services include brewery service visits, written service reports, training programs, sanitation procedures and cost-control reports.

“Zep’s product solutions solve the sanitation challenges breweries face on a daily basis that, if not addressed, could ultimately impact beer quality,” says Mike Motta, vice president of sales for the food and beverage division. “We also offer food and beverage safety consultants in every major brewing market, providing breweries service, support and expertise that is unmatched in the craft brewing industry.”

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