The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has conditionally approved National Registry of Food Safety Professionals’ (NRFSP) use of Innovative Exams LLC’s Secure Testing Kiosk as an option for individuals to take NRFSP’s Food Safety Manager Certification Exam.

NRFSP will offer only its exam program accredited under the Conference for Food Protection accreditation standard as NRFSP works with ANSI to study the security and effectiveness of remotely proctored exams.

Innovative Exams’ kiosks offer testing candidates a convenient scheduling and testing experience, while maintaining NRFSP’s consistent and highly secure delivery standards. Innovative Exams’ kiosk ensures the integrity of each testing session by authenticating candidate identity, protecting exam content, and offering real-time, quality proctoring through a high-resolution video and audio system.  Kiosks are deployed to partner sites, allowing for a more convenient and accessible experience for individuals seeking NRFSP testing sites.

No accreditation body has ever approved a remotely proctored testing system before now. "This is a monumental day for the food industry as NRFSP adds a more convenient and accessible level of exam delivery for individuals needing to become certified food safety managers,” says Larry Lynch, CEO of NRFSP. “We are proud of our track record that demonstrated to ANSI that NRFSP is capable of offering a secure exam in a remote environment by leveraging advanced technologies.  To be the first organization in the world to be approved by an accrediting body to utilize such technologies is a tremendous achievement for all involved.  We look forward not only to offering a more convenient way to take exams but to work with ANSI to collect data to study the effectiveness and security of remote proctoring.”

Ruben Garcia, Founder and CEO of Innovative Exams adds, “We are pleased to partner with the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals and to offer their candidates a fully accredited, secure, and convenient testing experience. The American National Standards Institute has truly become a leader amongst their peer accrediting organizations worldwide in studying the integrity, validity, and value of advanced exam delivery and remote proctoring technologies.”

The Food Safety Manager Certification Exam will be live at Innovative Exams kiosks later this month.