The Seafood Analytics Certified Quality Reader (CQR) is a verified, scientific approach to measuring the quality of seafood throughout the supply chain. The handheld, noninvasive device--now available for sale--was developed based on more than 35 years of proven science, using electrical currents to instantly provide freshness data for more than 10 fish species and other seafood. After generating a Certified Quality Number, the CQR can determine whether seafood is fresh or has been previously frozen, time since harvest, remaining shelf life, and more.

“Our chief scientist and co-founder Dr. Keith Cox has 15 years experience with bio-impedance and developed this technology based on the process that has provided physicians accurate and reliable data about the human body since 1979,” says Michael Liedtke, co-founder of Seafood Analytics. “Ultimately, we are able to measure the amount of water in cells to determine the quality of fish. We are meeting a seafood industry need that has been in existence since the first fish was caught.”

The CQR device debuted at the Seafood Expo North America & Seafood Processing North America Show in Boston earlier this month.

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