The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has suspended Costco Canada’s fish import license, claiming that the retailer is not consistently adhering to food safety regulations. Effective as of February 26, 2015, Costco Canada cannot import fish products into Canada until the license suspension is lifted.

The CFIA says that Costco’s specific violations are related to federal fish inspection regulations. Specifically, the retailer failed properly notify the CFIA about a batch of canned tuna being imported. Instead, they were transporting the items directly to Costco stores. The items should have gone to a warehouse for CFIA inspection prior to distribution and sale.

Costco Canada says that their license was primarily used in association with canned tuna fish products--the only items they sell that have been affected by the license suspension. The retailer is still permitted to sell other fish products, but those items must be purchased from other federally regulated Canadian fish import companies.

To date, no recalls have been associated with Costco Canada’s fish import license suspension. The retailer is working on “updating and strengthening” procedures in order to fully comply with CFIA regulations and to get their fish license reinstated.