International Paper announced this week that its U.S. corrugated packaging container plants servicing food product customers will become Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified as measured against the International Featured Standards (IFS) PACsecure Standard.                    

The IFS PACsecure Standard––a collaboration between IFS Management and The Packaging Consortium (PAC)––was developed with input from more than 130 food processors and packaging material converters to identify potential hazards associated with common packaging manufacturing processes. In addition to being GFSI certified, PACsecure has been accepted by the U.S.-based Food Safety Alliance for Packaging, which includes many companies seen as leaders in the food packaging industry.                    

The GFSI certification addresses the requirements to assure food safety by applying the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and Good Manufacturing Practice principles specific to food packaging. To earn the GFSI certification, International Paper container plants are being audited by an independent third-party team to certify materials and processes used in manufacturing corrugated packaging products that are safe for the food industry.                    

The global sourcing of materials and marketing of corrugated packaging products has increased customer demand for evidence of product safety. “All materials that are part of the food supply chain, including food packaging and contact materials, can significantly influence food safety,” says Ed Hughes, IP’s manager, product safety and compliance. “With food safety regulations becoming more and more rigorous, customers and consumers can have the peace of mind that one more portion in the supply chain has taken extra steps to safeguard the product.”

“International Paper’s selection of IFS PACsecure shows that the standard delivers the program necessary for the world’s packaging manufacturers to achieve their goals and meet the needs of their customers,” says Stephan Tromp, Managing Director of IFS. “At IFS we are pleased that we deliver standards that help industry achieve their goals and deliver safe, quality products.”