Food safety management system requirements

The ISO 22000 standard contains the following specific requirements to be addressed by the food safety management system (FSMS):

  • Have an overall food safety policy for your organization, developed by top management
  • Set objectives that will drive your company’s efforts to comply with this policy
  • Plan and design a management system and document the system
  • Maintain records of the performance of the system
  • Establish a group of qualified individuals to make up a food safety team
  • Define communication procedures to ensure effective communication with important contacts outside the company (regulatory, customers, suppliers and others) and for effective internal communication
  • Have an emergency plan
  • Hold management review meetings to evaluate the performance of the FSMS
  • Provide adequate resources for the effective operation of the FSMS, including appropriately trained and qualified personnel, a sufficient infrastructure and an appropriate work environment to ensure food safety
  • Implement prerequisite programs
  • Follow HACCP principles
  • Establish a traceability system for identification of product
  • Establish a corrective action system and control of nonconforming product
  • Maintain a documented procedure for handling withdrawal of product
  • Control monitoring and measuring devices
  • Establish and maintain an internal audit program
  • Continue to update and improve the FSMS

Source: Vinca, LLC.