Company: Vertec Biosolvents, Inc.

Sanitation Snapshot: A biosolvent formulation that cleanses microbial contamination from surfaces provides bactericidal activity (i.e., kills bacteria) and also bacteriostatic activity (i.e., prevents regrowth) even after dilution with water! These are the findings from recent tests conducted at an independent, certified laboratory. Many cleaners and sanitizers have one or two of these properties, but none are known to have all three. 

Many species of bacteria were tested that included known food pathogens such as Salmonella and Listeria, the eighteen recommended species by the FDA for sanitization certification and several others. For all of them the bactericidal activity was greater than 99.99 percent kill and the bacteriostatic activity i.e. the ability to prevent regrowth was seen even at ten-fold dilution with water.

The biosolvent formulation contains no antibiotics, biocides, or pharmaceuticals. All the raw materials are commonly used in foods and cosmetic formulations. Dr. Rathin Datta, Vertec’s chairman and one of the inventors said that: “In my four decades of experience in bioscience and biotechnology, I have never seen nor heard of all three activities existing together in a single formulation."

George “Skip” Laubach, Vertec’s president and COO adds: "These novel discoveries are protected by several issued patents and several patents are pending."

One of Vertec’s customers has commercialized a hand sanitizer based on the formulation. This FDA approved product not only gives excellent sanitization but also outstanding hand feel and skin conditioning.

Vertec has several very promising applications in the consumer wellness and personal care areas and the company has completed several trials with excellent results.

Several other applications as a final cleaning and sanitization step in food, meat and seed processing industries have shown excellent results. Vertec is eager to work with major players in these industries.