Stratum Technology, the trusted technology company to enterprise leaders across the globe, has announced the launch of HealthCheck by Stratum, a secure Cloud-based platform, powered by analytics and intelligence, that allows businesses to track and evaluate employee health- and COVID-19- related symptoms in real-time to better prepare for current and future health outbreaks, while protecting the overall health of the organization.

Following strict data privacy laws including GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act, HealthCheck’s intuitive digital portal enlists employees to partake in a self-health-assessment based on CDC guidelines, where they answer a series of health-based questions and temperature checks pre-, during-, and after- the workday. Real-time results are encrypted and then provided to the individual and the employer along with recommendations based on their answers; outcomes and associated meanings include:

  • Pass - Clear in temperature and symptoms; Free to attend work as usual
  • Warn - Consult your physician and employer
  • Alert - Employer has been notified of your symptoms / contact your employer

With these daily health check-ins, when employees show symptoms, employers immediately receive alerts and access to their employee’s unique dashboard. The accrual of anonymized data resulting from these outcomes facilitate companies’ understanding of how infectious disease trends will impact departments, employees, patients, customers, community stakeholders and the overall organization.

These proactive measures and data points allow leaders to control the curve and advance employee care across facilities, protecting the health of employees and businesses more efficiently; therefore, allowing the organization to adjust work schedules, fill skill gaps and adjust HR and Operations strategies in the immediate and future plans. Simultaneously, employees can feel confident returning to work knowing management is taking steps to prevent outbreaks and promote wellness. Furthermore, ensuring the internal operations of a company and its employees provides a safeguard so customers feel secure when visiting stores, clinics, universities and businesses, knowing that responsible actions are in place.

“The current health climate has changed the way businesses operate,” says Stratum co-founder and CEO Ryan Trimberger. “It is natural to pivot our expertise in Cloud-based technology to help businesses make informed operational decisions during these unprecedented times. Data has always been integral to how we support our partners, and now with this new technology, we are helping organizations ensure employee safety, assess the organization’s state of health and resolve potential red flags.”

HealthCheck by Stratum launches on It is available for free app download on IOS today and rolling out to Android smart devices, both with a monthly fee of $0.06 per employee user. Now through June 1, HealthCheck by Stratum is offering complimentary use of the platform to organizations and businesses.