Neolithics has launched Neolithics LightTM, an automated, portable produce inspection system. The non-destructive technology eliminates inspection waste, improves productivity, and increases the volume of sellable product.

Retailers, distributors, and food processors can completely eliminate manual, sample-destroying inspections using Neolithics LightTM. The platform uses hyperspectral optics and AI frameworks to deliver previously unavailable insights including but not limited to nutrition levels, Brix sweetness, project shelf life, maturity, anomalies, and detection of different organic compound distribution both internally and externally.

Current manual processes require destroying as much as 5 percent of an entire crop, with subjective measurements having an inaccuracy rate of nearly 30 percent. Furthermore, data entry reduces turnaround speed and incurs significant labor costs. The Neolithics LightTM digitized system reduces inspection time by 90 percent and increases accuracy by more than 15 percent.

Clients already benefiting from Neolithics LightTM include Granot Fresh, one of the Middle East’s largest food cooperatives, as well as leading global produce distributors, overseeing hundreds of tons of gross product every day. By implementing the Neolithics LightTM system, food and beverage companies can reduce OPEX while strengthening their competitive advantage.

The Neolithics hardware delivers spectral analysis of various organic materials, while the software provides comprehensive data management for accurate grading and prediction. The Neolithics LightTM integrates with any third-party logistics, supply chain, or processing hardware and ERP software.