TekniPlex Consumer Products recently introduced a series of tabbed container liners combining easier opening with exemplary product protection, as well as optimized shelf life for reduced product waste. The company’s Edge Pull® and Simply Tab® solutions are compatible with a broad array of bottles and jars, making them ideal for food and beverage products.

Edge Pull® is available in half-moon and offset tab configurations, while Simply Tab® features a dual tab design. Key to both solutions is a strong bond between tab and liner, providing smooth peel away without delamination. Each features an induction heat seal for superior barrier protection, and thick, durable tabs for ease of grip—a benefit especially helpful to consumers with dexterity challenges. Printed instructions add to a hassle-free consumer experience.

Exemplifying the sustainability-minded, product waste-counteracting purpose of premium liner solutions, TekniPlex Consumer Products’ Edge Pull® and Simply Tab® are compatible with a wide variety of substrates typically used for containers, including glass, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene (PE), and polypropylene (PP). Tamper resistance and contamination prevention elements can be incorporated, and both unprinted and custom-print options for enhanced brand messaging are available.

Participants in a consumer trial found Edge Pull® and Simply Tab® liners preferable to other tabbed liners. The results align with rising consumer desires for easy product access, integrity, and safety.

TekniPlex: www.tekni-plex.com