Avantium has announced a collaboration with Albert Heijn, a store chain in the Netherlands that is part of Ahold Delhaize, to make packaging more sustainable.

Avantium's completely plant-based and circular material polyethylene furanoate (PEF) is being used for various forms of packaging for products sold by Albert Heijn. Refresco, the global independent beverage solutions provider for Global, National, and Emerging (GNE) brands and retailers, produces Albert Heijn’s new fruit juice bottle made out of PEF. This will be the first PEF application to be introduced in Albert Heijn stores, once Avantium's commercial plant for PEF is operational. 

Albert Heijn will be the first supermarket chain in the world to introduce PEF packaging for store-brand products. 

Avantium's PEF is a 100 percent plant-based and fully recyclable polymer with a wide range of applications including bottles, packaging, films, and textiles. In addition to its sustainable packaging benefits, Avantium's PEF has superior barrier properties, extending the shelf life of beverages and food. 

Avantium is currently constructing the world's first commercial plant in Delfzijl for five kilotons of furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA), the key building block for PEF, with commercial production expected to start in the second half of 2024. This will allow Avantium to scale PEF production to plants of more than 100 kilotons for large-scale production of FDCA and PEF through technology licensing.  

Avantium: www.avantium.com