Timestrip® has announced its new technology, Timestrip neo, which is a platform that can be used with the company’s suite of single-use electronic indicators for pack-level monitoring. Timestrip neo can be specified for a wide range of temperatures for both ascending and descending alerts, as well as for different time durations. If any of the set conditions are breached, then a system of flashing LED lights will provide clear information to the user. Timestrip neo can also be specified so that time limits are reduced at elevated temperatures, protecting perishable food products that deteriorate faster at higher temperatures. A standard configuration is available, as well.

The design allows for monitoring at three temperatures and displays the cumulative time above a specific temperature level. For example, in the standard configuration, a descending temperature that reaches 2 degrees Celsius will cause an LED to flash, and another LED will light up when the temperature drops to negative 0.5 degrees Celsius. A third set of LEDs will flash when the temperature has exceeded 8 degrees Celsius for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

The small-form factor and easy-to-use nature of the micro-weight Timestrip neo also makes it ideal for widespread use on packages in the food sector, and the technology is especially complementary to liquid-based indicators. Additionally, a unique serial number is provided on every unit to enable traceability as part of a quality control system.

Timestrip: www.timestrip.com