Marc Cwikowski is Founder and Managing Director of All Food Consulting and Co-Founder of World of Auditing. He has worked for more than 30 years in the food and beverage industry and held various senior global leadership and executive positions in companies including Unilever, The Coca-Cola Company, and Danone. His former functions include audit process manager, director of quality and food safety strategy, director of supply chain capability development, food safety center director, and vice president for quality and food safety. He has international experience in innovation, quality assurance, and food safety, and has successfully designed and implemented quality and food safety strategies, created advanced initiatives for people development, and implemented strong quality and food safety programs to secure companies' business and reputation worldwide. Mr. Cwikowski holds a master's degree in chemistry and bio-industries and has served as an expert and board member for various global organizations.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak with Marc [26:58] about:

  • His 30-year career across a multitude of disciplines in the food safety sector, and how his experiences help him communicate the importance of auditing strategies and programs
  • The three essential points for food companies to consider before developing a risk-based audit strategy
  • The critical steps for food companies to take when developing a risk-based audit strategy
  • How understanding and aligning audit strategies and business strategies can help businesses adapt to the challenges of today’s unstable supply chain
  • The importance of demonstrating the return-on-investment of auditing programs and processes
  • Four simple ways that food companies can maximize the value that audits bring to their business
  • Why auditors and auditor training should encompass technical, human, and critical thinking skills
  • What the food industry can learn from the aviation industry regarding traceability and transparency
  • How the food industry’s traceability efforts can be advanced using modern technology
  • Why the future of auditing should be consumer-focused, and the meaning behind “the future of audits will be no audits."

News and Resources:

Codex Commission Drafting Guidance on Food Fraud [6:33]

Time to Prepare: New FAO Report Highlights Possible Benefits, Risks Associated With Food of the Future [9:27]

EFSA Reports on Microorganisms as Pesticides [10:22]

Unstudied Chemicals Found in Food Packaging, Toxicity Questioned [15:03]

WHO, FAO, Codex World Food Safety Day 2022 resources [2:15]

GFSI webinar World Food Safety Day 2022 [3:40]

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