Squadle, a workflow automation company, has introduced a new food safety solution: Squadle Sense™ Remote Temperature Monitoring (RTM). The hands-free tracking system allows operators to wirelessly monitor the interior temperatures of freezers and coolers, which saves time while keeping stores in compliance. 

Squadle Sense RTM uses LoRaWAN® technology, which connects battery-operated devices to online networks more reliably than WiFi and cellular networks. When placed inside a freezer or cooler, Squadle Sense RTM tracks the ambient temperature and then calibrates the temperatures of individual products, without having to touch the products or open their packaging. The device’s automatic process eliminates manual temperature checks, which allows operators to save 20 minutes of work per day. Squadle Sense RTM also prevents food spoilage by alerting operators to temperature issues before they become problematic. Squadle Sense RTM connects to the existing Squadle food safety platform to provide:

  • Smart capture: Automatically pull temperatures from coolers and freezers and upload results to a digital checklist
  • Custom configuration: Each RTM system is installed, configured, and easily adjusted to meet a location’s exact compliance needs 
  • Compliance: Automatically populate temperature logs and send data to a Squadle tablet, as well as personalized performance dashboards in Squadle’s customer application, HQ
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts: text and email alerts notify operators when they are at risk for inventory losses
  • Predictive notification: system algorithms defend against catastrophic inventory loss by detecting temperature changes before they become an issue.

Squadle reports that its users have seen health department violations reduced by over 30% after the product is deployed.

Squadle: www.squadle.com