Digi International--a provider of mission-critical machine-to-machine and IoT connectivity products and services--has introduced a new service.

Digi Honeycomb is an easy to deploy, reliable and cost effective service that continuously and wirelessly monitors the temperature of perishable goods, alerting users if the proper temperature is not maintained. With Digi Honeycomb, restaurants, grocers, convenience stores, warehouses and transportation companies can now prevent spoilage and loss, lower labor costs, and comply with public health requirements and food safety regulations.

A subscription-based service, Digi Honeycomb is comprised of hand-held probes, wireless sensors, gateways and software that allow temperature data to be monitored, logged, and retrieved, and be easily integrated into back-office systems. In delivering a complete solution that encompasses front-of-house and back-of-house environments, Digi Honeycomb allows organizations in the perishable food industry to address major challenges including food safety, chain-of-custody verification, loss prevention (shrinkage), proof of compliance, and labor costs.  

Digi Honeycomb is available in a variety of subscription-based models for retail Quick Service Restaurant, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and NIST environments, and requires no capital expense. Hardware and software is included as part of the subscription with information hosted on servers managed by Digi International.

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