Johnson Controls has announced that Sensormatic Solutions is adding PENN Connected to its Sensormatic IQ platform capabilities to increase operational efficiency through remote refrigeration monitoring and digital compliance.

The digital solution helps retailers combat food waste and assists with compliance by monitoring product storing temperatures, both hot and cold. The digital food safety platform provides remote monitoring, empowering retailers to better serve their shoppers with quality products at the right temperature. Through prompt alerts, retailers can intervene early to reduce or control product losses.

“With trillions of dollars of food wasted each year, and with essential product scarcity top-of-mind around the world, it is critical to utilize a full range of tools to help maintain a culture of product safety and compliance,” said Craig Szklany, Sensormatic Solutions Vice President of Global Solutions Management & Marketing. “With the digital food safety solution under the Sensormatic Solutions umbrella, we are uniquely positioned to better serve our customers. Offering a remote access monitoring system and greater compliance will provide retailers the flexibility to adapt to new business models, as well as the peace of mind that their consumers have access to high-quality products.”

The food safety platform is designed to integrate with Sensormatic IQ in the future to further accelerate digital transformation for retail organizations. The remote monitoring solution helps cut waste and loss, which reduces costs while furthering sustainability and compliance efforts. The solution may help retailers increase compliance and help save hours of work per year by streamlining the compliance processes, from eliminating the need for manual temperature checks to reducing office hours spent filing documentation. With an enterprise view of sites provided by Sensormatic IQ, the food safety platform promotes optimal visibility to help increase grocery retailers’ levels of traceability, transparency, and proof of quality in their global compliance.

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