PerkinElmer Inc. has launched its new FT‑IR liquid food testing platform including instruments, software, and streamlined workflows.

As part of the platform and leveraging PerkinElmer’s FT‑IR Spectroscopy technology, the LQA300 system for wine identifies key quality markers, including alcohol, sugar, acidity, pH and density levels during every part of the winemaking process, from harvest to bottling. Additional fit-for-purpose LQA300 system calibrations will be added for other liquid food sample types by the end of 2022, including but not limited to beer, alcoholic spirits, edible oils, soft drinks, and more. 

The LactoScope 300 system, which expands PerkinElmer’s FT‑IR dairy portfolio, detects key markers such as fat, protein, and lactose levels in milk, cream and whey. Adulterants including urea, ammonium sulfate, maltodextrine, sucrose, and water can also be detected in raw and processed milk.

Step-by-step pre-developed workflows and intuitive touchscreen and software interfaces enable users to simply place liquid samples into the instruments, push a single button, and receive results on a 12-inch touchscreen in under 45 seconds, allowing 60 samples to be run each hour. With the streamlined approach, new users can also learn to confidently perform mission-critical analyses in seconds. 

As part of PerkinElmer’s strong commitment to sustainability, packaging for the instruments is 100 percent recyclable.

“Dairy, wine, and other liquid foods are staple items on tables around the world and it should be simple to have access to important data to help create products that are safe and perform as expected,” said Greg Sears, VP and GM of Food at PerkinElmer. “Having intuitive, affordable, and powerful testing and analysis solutions like the LQA300 and LactoScope 300 FT‑IR systems gives customers the insights to make more informed, real-time decisions and take actions to improve quality, reduce waste, and meet both regulatory and consumer demands.”

The new FT‑IR platform is part of PerkinElmer’s extensive food analysis portfolio spanning dairy, beverages, grain, seafood, meat, produce, oils and spices, and cannabis testing workflows.

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