PerkinElmer, Inc. has launched the Solus One E. coli O157 Pathogen Detection Assay for raw ground beef and raw beef trim. This system is designed for customers who receive a high volume of food samples daily and need a highly sensitive, cost effective assay. The assay is compatible with the Dynex DS2 automated reader, offering industry-leading result sample volume.

Escherichia coli (E. coli) is bacteria commonly found as part of normal gut flora of humans and animals. Most are harmless; however, some strains—including the most common, E. coli O157—produce toxins that can cause intestinal illness especially in people in higher risk categories such as pregnant women, immunosuppressed people and the elderly. Having robust and accurate E. coli testing capabilities enables food suppliers to take action faster if the pathogen is detected in their facilities.

PerkinElmer’s Solus One E. coli O157 system features a single, 10-hour enrichment, one-step sample preparation and automated workflow to process up to 192 tests per run. The user-friendly instrument, kits and methods also require less training than traditional approaches for lab technicians, enabling them to “set it and forget it” for up to two hours, freeing their time to conduct other lab work such as running another automated protocol to maximize sample throughput.

PerkinElmer’s meat testing and analysis innovations are part of the Company’s broader safety and quality solutions for food, including grain, dairy, meats, produce, edible oils, and seafood. For more information, please click here.

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