Squadle, a workflow automation company that enables multi-unit operators to simplify complex operations and streamline food safety, has announced that Aloha Poke Co., a fast-casual poke restaurant concept, is deploying Squadle Food Safety in nine of its company-owned restaurants across the upper Midwest. Squadle will ensure that Aloha Poke maintains operational consistency across all of its stores, with focus on ensuring the highest level of food safety standards as the brand continues to expand nationwide.

With a focus on simple concepts from its dedicated poke menu to store buildouts and back-of-house operations, Aloha Poke seeks to keep execution consistent across all of its locations while increasing product standards and growing its health-forward, fast-casual concept with qualified entrepreneurs and experienced restaurant franchisees.

Squadle Digital Food Safety gives Aloha Poke a quick and easy way to gain visibility into store performance. Squadle also provides accountability, especially when multi-unit managers are not present at locations. Digital workflows, Bluetooth pyrometers, and documented corrective actions deliver an extra level of food safety.

“Squadle’s simplicity and emphasis on food safety make it a perfect fit for Aloha Poke Co.,” said Chris Birkinshaw, CEO, Aloha Poke Co. “Store managers spend less time worrying about pencil-whipped checklists, and multi-unit managers have real-time visibility that everything is being done the correct way. Squadle is more than just a digital checklist; it delivers complex workflows and automation through an intuitive user interface.”