Necrotic enteritis (NE) is a constant concern in the poultry industry. It is one of the most common and costly poultry diseases, with an estimated cost to the U.S. poultry industry of $0.05 or more per bird. To help combat NE in flocks, poultry producers can implement Inteprity from Elanco for extended feeding programs, which helps support healthier birds, better profitability, and healthier choices. The first-in-class, animal-use-only, in-feed antibiotic has a variety of benefits, including reducing rotational frequency with multiple cycles.

Reduce Rotational Frequency with Multiple Cycles

New field trial research shows that poultry producers can use Inteprity for multiple cycles to prevent the mortality caused by NE and improve Intestinal Integrity (I2) scores without losing efficacy or risking resistance, compared to frequent rotations. For example:

  • Feeding Inteprity for multiple cycles (18 months) resulted in a steady I2 index score improvement
  • Inteprity fed for 9 months maintained I2 stability
  • Frequently rotating Inteprity (every 4.5 months) showed a marked deterioration in I2 index score.

Improve Key Lesion Scores with Continuous Use
The same data shows key lesion scores improved by using Inteprity for multiple cycles (18 months):

  • Mucus, cellular sloughing, and feed passage incidence all decreased
  • All other scores observed, including water content, NE, and gizzard, remained stable and low. 

By utilizing the innovation and flexibility of Inteprity, poultry producers can help keep their birds healthy while maximizing profitability. 

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