Organizational culture is widely seen as one of the most important success factors across a variety of business sectors. It is increasingly recognized that human behavior is central and culture is the key to understanding and affecting behavioral change. Empowering all employees to do the right thing all the time helps ensure that food is safe, and a strong food safety culture helps achieve this.

Safe Supply of Affordable Food for Everyone (SSAFE), in collaboration with Culture Excellence, is launching a free entry-level tool to help food companies measure the "people" element of their food safety culture and accelerate the development and implementation of strong food safety cultures in food businesses around the world. 

This free tool is available in 55 languages and takes users through a series of 15 questions in less than 10 minutes. Upon completion by the team, managers will be able to identify key strengths and weaknesses of their food safety culture, showing them where to improve and strengthen their efforts. This tool is effective for companies starting on their journey to assess and strengthen their food safety culture over time.

The tool can be accessed via the SSAFE website.