Gone are the days of toxic and hazardous cleaning chemicals. PathoSans Technologies is introducing a new era in cleaning and sanitizing with proprietary products that are nontoxic, completely safe for people and places, and 99.999 percent effective at killing disease-causing microbes.

A provider of electrochemically activated solutions (ECAS) and application equipment for cleaning and disinfecting, PathoSans recently showcased that mission with a new brand logo and message, “The Clean That Says You Care.”

The new PathoSans logo includes a spraying icon in the center of its logotype to give a subtle nod to its history and parent company Spraying Systems Co.®, a manufacturer of spray nozzles and precision spray technology for industrial environments. The spraying icon also highlights the versatility of the PathoSans solutions. The solutions can be applied using spray bottles, floor care equipment, electrostatic sprayers, and a variety of industrial application methods to clean and disinfect surfaces.

The featured colors, black and blue, demonstrate the power of cleaning. The first letters of the logo are black to signify the presence of soils and stains. The spray icon in bright blue cleanses the remaining letters, highlighting the cleanliness that facilities experience with ECAS.

PathoSans’ on-site generation systems are used in both commercial and industrial settings to create cleaner and disinfectant on-demand. This enables facilities to clean more easily and efficiently while aligning with safety and sustainability goals. PathoClean®, a cleaner and degreaser, and PathoCide®, a sanitizer and disinfectant, are created using just salt, water, and electricity. This makes them an ideal nonirritating alternative to toxic conventional chemicals.

For more information, visit Pathosans.com.