In this BONUS episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Jerry Heath (staff entomologist) and Sharon Dobesh (director of technical services) from the Industrial Fumigant Company (IFC) about how to set up and utilize a pest management program that is compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and that also works well with a food processor's existing Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls plan.

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In this BONUS episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to IFC about:

  • FSMA's impact on how pest management fits into a company's overall food safety plan
  • The main challenge that pest management clients want to address and learn more about
  • Changes in how auditors now approach their inspection methods with new regulations in place
  • Steps that a food company will need to take in order to implement or overhaul their pest program
  • Mapping tools and how they help companies to better pinpoint the cause and/or source of an infestation
  • How the trend of going chemical-free is changing the pest management industry
  • Action thresholds and how they cannot be one-size-fits-all
  • Asking the right questions when a sudden infestation or unfamiliar insect/rodent species appears
  • Critical advice about keeping pristine records and documentation
  • How technology is already changing the future of pest management
  • Professional certification and other ways to get into the pest management field

IFC Resource Page 
Whitepaper: Implications of FSMA on Pest Management Programs

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