The new SureTrack PRO™ ingredient sourcing system enables processors to easily source quality grain that meets their exact specifications, including monitoring inventories and tracking deliveries to ensure that plants are always up and running. It will be featured in AGI SureTrack Booth #664 at PROCESS EXPO 2019 Oct. 8–11 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

The system digitally connects processors, merchandisers, and grain buyers with farmers to greatly simplify the process of sourcing and managing grain used in food and beverage production, pet food manufacturing, and restaurant operations.

“SureTrack PRO enables processors to secure grain with the exact characteristics they need, such as protein, oil, starch, and moisture, to increase efficiencies and reduce costs,” says Brett Andricks, vice president, Strategic Division, for AGI SureTrack, an agricultural technology company based in Archie, MO, that developed the system.

Andricks says the system enables processors to access a robust grower network, know exactly what they are receiving before it is delivered, and get an in-the-bin look at the condition of their contracted grain. This network of 3,200 grower participants fuels the traceability of about 700 million bushels of grain in the SureTrack PRO system, including corn, soybeans, barley, wheat, and other commodities.

While there are other grain monitoring and sourcing systems on the market, Andricks says SureTrack PRO is unique in enabling users to manage every step of the sourcing process. “We’re with them from seed, grow, manage, and market, and really no other system combines all of the same information in a single platform,”  

SureTrack PRO works in conjunction with SureTrack FARM™, the online solution that allows farmers to provide a traceable product and establish contracts directly with processors and merchandisers to ensure confidence in the purchasing process. The SureTrack Farm platform is designed to increase value and profit at each stage of the farming cycle, including seed selection, improved crop growth, grain storage management and marketing their grain.

“The two systems work together to create opportunities for success for both grain sellers and grain buyers,” Andricks says. “Processors can negotiate directly with farmers and contract for immediate and future deliveries. It also gives more flexibility for processors to plan out longer-term by knowing what is stored around them.”

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