Controlled hand hygiene at the production entrance is essential in food production. Frontmatec offers an innovative all-round solution with the ITEC Inlet Complete hand cleaning unit. Hands are cleaned, dried, and disinfected in a systematic and controlled process. The ITEC Inlet Complete is highly adaptable and is also available in different versions.

The complete system unit offers both contact-free hand cleaning and drying, and effective hand disinfection via sensor-controlled, fully automatic dispensing. In addition, it ensures a controlled process flow. After soap removal, hand cleaning, hand drying, and subsequent hand disinfection, the passage is released, for example, via a motor-driven turnstile. The process is visualized in a very user-friendly way by an LED lamp with ICON.

Depending on the model, either a water-soap mixture or a separate and sensor-controlled soap dispenser is provided for hand cleaning. Hand drying is fast and hygienic by means of a powerful warm air blower. An integrated V8 air filter effectively reduces the transmission of germs and viruses. Alternatively, hand drying can also be ensured by a paper towel or roll dispenser. After drying, both hands are disinfected at the same time on the outer and inner surfaces over a large area and appropriately. Four nozzles optimize the disinfection process and ensure a clear time gain in daily operation.

To secure access control, the customer can choose from various system variants. For example, access can be controlled via on-site portal turnstiles, doors, or via motorized turnstiles. Escape way support can be easily implemented using two-arm technology. For this purpose, the turnstile moves to the panic position once the power is switched off and allows free passage.

The ITEC Inlet Complete is extremely flexible in terms of installation. It is available as a left-hand or right-hand version for wall mounting or, upon request, with a pedestal for free-standing installation. The hand hygiene system can be combined with all models of the ITEC Star Clean IV series and complemented with time recording systems, signal horns or similar extensions via integrated potential-free contacts.

All in all, the ITEC Inlet Complete convinces with its user-friendly and quick handling and high-quality workmanship.