Testo North America has announced its support of the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) in their Food Safety Program for 2019.

As part of the partnership, Testo will be an associate member of AFFI throughout 2019 and will be involved in various AFFI events, including AFFI’s Food Safety Leadership Conference and AFFI-CON. Testo will also support AFFI’s new website, Food Safety Zone, set to launch later next month. The Food Safety Zone will serve as a one-stop food safety resource for all frozen food companies. Manufacturers will be able to search for, access, and incorporate best food safety practices into a company’s food safety plan.

“We are excited to be working with AFFI to provide the frozen food industry with valuable resources related to food safety,” says Eric Moore, director of food safety and regulatory compliance at Testo North America. “Testo will bring a unique perspective to AFFI’s Food Safety Program as a provider of advanced quality management solutions.”

“We are pleased to welcome Testo’s support of AFFI and our joint commitment to advancing food safety,” says AFFI President and CEO Alison Bodor. “In our pursuit to raise the bar on food safety practices, it’s important we have an ally like Testo to help support AFFI’s food safety initiative and our members’ continued investment in food safety.”

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