Materials screening specialist Gough Engineering is working with ultrasonic technology specialist TELSONIC to help manufacturers improve product quality and increase their throughput. TELSONIC’s ultrasonic technology is used in Gough Engineering’s screening equipment for the food manufacturing sector to reduce waste and maximize production.

Gough Engineering manufactures a range of elevating and screening systems, with bespoke mesh screen designs to suit all sizes and applications. The mesh screen on any sieve is the most critical component to ensuring the quality of a manufacturer’s final product. The company has integrated TELSONIC’s ultrasonic technology to eliminate sieve blinding and blockages.

The ultrasonic range works by using the screening system’s generator and converter to generate ultrasound waves that cause the screen’s fabric to vibrate. The technology speeds up the processing time of the product and provides manufacturers with a consistent rate of throughput, while also improving the selectivity of the screened product. This increases the mesh life and reduces the need for engineer intervention.

“Manufacturers rely on screening systems to safeguard the quality of their final product,” says Stephen Harding, managing director of Gough Engineering. “Screening process requirements have become more complex as manufacturers are handling finer powders and at an increased rate to meet demand.

“When screening fine materials and powders on fine meshes, the sieving of large particles can cause a residue, which as it accumulates can lead to screen blinding. Increasing the volume of unnecessary production waste, this not only reduces the manufacturer’s throughput and, therefore, total output, but it also requires temporary downtime for engineers to clear the mesh.

“Ultrasonic systems stimulate the finest screen fabric to eliminate blockages. Installing an ultrasonic system also reduces the need to remove the whole screen for manual cleaning, as the mesh is automatically cleared from the pulse of the vibrations.”

Gough Engineering has applied TELSONIC’s technology into both circular and linear sieving and screening systems, making it easier for processing plants and manufacturers to integrate into their current systems. The high throughput piece of machinery is also manufactured to meet ISO 9002 standards.

To help with sieve re-meshing or general equipment maintenance, engineers can also call on Gough Engineering’s service engineers. The company provides a sieve maintenance and support service available at any time of day, 7 days a week.

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