Fresh produce repacker McEntire Produce--based in Columbia, SC--has expanded their use of SmartWash Solutions products to improve their wash line performance.

The SmartWash system plays a key role in monitoring food safety as it mitigates cross contamination. In addition, SmartWash improves production "uptime" and plant capacity, while reducing operational costs.

SmartWash's enhanced, real-time data monitoring and analytics dashboard--combined with their recently released free chlorine electrode calibrator system--provides verification of process control and ensures the greatest accuracy in the industry. These two innovative technologies are currently available to the industry.

"SmartWash's controllers, data collection and calibration system provides the tools we need to consistently accomplish our goals for current food safety requirements and plant efficiency, as well as the ability to learn and improve in the future," says Dave Morris, McEntire senior vice president of operations.

"SmartWash Solutions and McEntire Produce have worked together over the past 3 years to ensure that our technology continues to bring value to their operations and our support continues to drive improvements and customer satisfaction. Both companies are fully committed to food safety, and McEntire Produce's early engagement and commitment to this partnership stands out as a leader in the industry," says Steven Swarts, director of business development at SmartWash Solutions. This represents the latest example of McEntire and SmartWash collaborating. "We believe the rate of food safety improvement could be elevated significantly by more companies sharing ideas and working together on processes and systems," Morris, McEntire added.

The fact that SmartWash is a division of McEntire competitor Taylor Farms was an initial concern at McEntire. However, "our experiences have eliminated that concern, as we've had no issues or concerns with confidentiality and we're benefiting from the partnership our two companies have created to address food safety concerns," Morris says.