RizePoint, a provider of quality management software, recently announced quality management powered by blockchain. With this new solution, quality assurance managers can connect all supplier data—from onboarding information to supplier inspection results to industry certifications to corrective action—in a single source of truth.                    

Data collected by the RizePoint solution provides insights into all touch points in the supply chain. As products move through the supply chain, they must pass internal standards and correct any non-compliance immediately. Further, RizePoint creates transparency to more quickly identify problems in the supply chain faster. This allows RizePoint customers to keep their brand promise by ensuring all suppliers meet rigorous standards.                    

“Blockchain is the future of supplier quality management,” says Frank Maylett, president and CEO of RizePoint. “Through complex supply chains with thousands of suppliers, users will be able to track all supplier information in one place and ultimately provide consumer’s transparency about every product they purchase.”                    

RizePoint’s private and permissioned blockchain technology provides visibility throughout the supply chain for seamless quality management.                    

“Blockchain is a new way of organizing data—made famous by Bitcoin but its uses go far beyond that,” says Jesse Dowdle, Chief Technology Officer of RizePoint. “When used in food safety, blockchain technology establishes trust, accountability, and transparency across global food supply chains.”                   

With RizePoint Quality Management powered by blockchain users can:                                                     

  • Onboard suppliers                                         
  • Collect relevant certifications
  • Document farm, distribution, and manufacturing inspections
  • Track corrective action and respond to non-compliant issues in hours, not weeks                            

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