3M has introduced a 3M™ Condensation Management Film, designed to provide productivity and hygiene benefits as well as provide a labor-saving solution for food processing facilities that experience intermittent high humidity conditions.

Using 3M™ Condensation Management Film reduces the need to mop or squeegee drops of condensation that form during the sanitation process on pipes and other overhead surfaces. 3M™ Condensation Management Film helps food processing facilities meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture requirements by managing the risk of condensation hazards, while reducing downtime, increasing productivity throughput and reducing labor associated with managing condensation.

How does the film work?

The surface of the 3M™ Condensation Management Film contains micro-replicated channels that wick water via capillary action. The wicking action increases the surface to volume ratio of condensate by spreading the droplets, thereby increasing the evaporation rate up to 10 times faster than a bare surface. The combination of spreading and evaporation minimizes the release of hanging droplets as the humidity is decreased in the environment.

Additional information--including collateral, FDA compliance letter, videos, and photos are available directly via 3M.

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