Clysar, LLC now offers the industry’s broadest selection of shrink film widths, with pre-slit rolls from 1" to 100". The expanded range of widths makes it possible to wrap items as narrow as pens, wood trim and candy canes or as wide as furniture, doors and large boxed items in premium Clysar® polyolefin shrink films.          

The 1" to 100" pre-slit rolls are available in standard 0.5" increments, with other size increments possible upon request. This allows packagers to eliminate waste and improve efficiencies, since films can be right-sized for their product applications and shrink wrapping operations. Most Clysar® shrink films can be slit to the specified widths, including thin-gauge films, all-purpose films, opaque privacy films, low shrink force films, high-speed films, corrugate-replacement films and more.                   

Clysar’s investments in narrow- and wide-web slitting technology have allowed the company to expand its offering and serve broader customer needs. Value-added options such as folding, pre-perforating and corona treating are available upon request. Details are available from Clysar and authorized Clysar distributors.

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