To combat the growing problem of low-quality salt, SaltWorks has issued new processing criteria and quality benchmarks. The guidance is intended to help commercial buyers assess, grade and purchase the absolute best Himalayan pink salt.

“Himalayan salt is loved for its flavor, versatility and beautiful color. It’s an incredible everyday salt,” says SaltWorks CEO Mark Zoske. “We know that there is lower quality Himalayan salt on the market enticing commercial buyers with lower prices. We developed these quality checklists to help buyers easily identify and grade the quality of the salt they’re considering purchasing. We want to help educate buyers, retailers, and consumers on how to recognize the best quality pink salt.                                                

“Not all Himalayan salt is processed equally,” says Zoske. “Lower quality Himalayan salt that isn’t subject to the same stringent standards as ours can contain undesirable materials, like rock and clay particles, and other insoluble matter.” 

SaltWorks engineered a chemical-free salt processing system that includes sifters, aspirators, rare-earth magnets, metal detection, and the company’s own highly advanced Optically Clean® technology. This proprietary color sorting equipment ensures that all the salts they produce and sell are the cleanest, safest and highest quality available.                               

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